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Economics of Messaging Software

It gets quite complicated to explain what's the difference between traditional business messaging (products like IBM's WebSphere MQ, APIs like JMS and protocols like AMQP or MQTT) and distributed messaging (as implemented by ØMQ). Both are the ways for applications to speak each to another easily. However, once you get to describing the differences, the discussion breaks into lots of messy technical details and the big picture disappears. To understand the big picture, I believe, one has to...

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ØMQ: Mission Accomplished

Last week I've refactored ØMQ codebase cutting off all the experimental features and making it more backward compatible with older versions. The refactoring resulted in a version, ØMQ/3.1, which was then selected by the community vote as a sanest way forward. The refactoring meant throwing lot of work I've done in the past months into the trash. Why had it left me with a strange craving for a bottle of champagne and a tin of caviar then? Well, it proved me wrong in assuming that ØMQ is a new...

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